Healthy New Year!

Started my Eat To Live New Year going strong with a large salad from Fins and a berry smoothie. Happy to say, the way I am feeling lately I could have cared less for champagne and a rich meal. 

When I started my 100% vegetable/fruit diet just over a month ago my goal was to be able to function during a week away in the tropics that I booked to motivate myself! Happy to feel less scared about the thought of the trip, or starting school when I get back because I am feeling so much better. I leave in a week and am feeling stoked!

So as I’m already on a pretty healthy diet – for New Years I’m only making a few changes. 

1) A Salad EVERY DAY! 

2) A Green Juice, EVERY DAY! 

3) A Green Smoothie, EVERY DAY! 

4) Clean the juicer, EVERY TIME! 😉 

I also don’t allow myself ‘cheats’ because as a yoyo ETL’er for 5 years – I quickly learnt that moderation can lead to boxes of chocolates and also that my health got worse, instead of better when I wasn’t getting out of the way and just letting my body heal. 

I had to cut out legumes, tried adding peas back and quickly puffed up. On great probiotics but I may have to wait a few months before I can diversify – or maybe I can’t! 

I haven’t had the luxury of running blood work (which didn’t show any major problems in the first place other than immune disorders and EBV/Lyme) but so far – one month later – my energy is up about 60-80%, depression/mind fog is gone (after a lifetime – must have been grains) and I even managed 2 days skiing/snowboarding (Vitamix came for the trip). 


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