So This Is What Energy Is

Well I always did wonder how people manage to get things done, work jobs, keep the house nice etc etc.

I woke up this morning literally BUZZING with energy… I drank coffee/alcohol for 15 years to try and self medicate my health situation but nothing can compare to this feeling of unlimited energy with a calm, clear, collected mind. Cleaned the kitchen and now I’m working on reformatting my iPhone which is something I have been putting off since it broke 6 months ago. 

Yesterday I managed to get over my roadblock of not being able to read (it used to put me to sleep like many others with extreme fatigue issues) and really enjoyed some great books about thinking positive… something that I have been doing a lot lately.  

The North East has been hit by a foot of snow which normally would make me panic because snow takes so much energy to clear but this year I’m not worried – just enjoying my green juice and getting ready to go out there and take some pictures for the magazine I work for. 

My energy, like everyone has been cyclical the last few weeks but it seems lately the peaks and highs are getting better and better and there are much longer windows of productivity.

However, I do not consider myself ‘cured’ or ‘in remission’ because I did the same thing in summer (detox diet) and got sick again as soon as I decided I was cured and could go have vegan pizza. My health is returning conditionally, after a probable lifetime of dietary intolerances and I’ll probably have to eat this way for the rest of my life. 

The hardest part of course, will be sticking with this as I have failed before. I find health food stores to be even more dangerous than conventional due to the number of ‘health promoting’ processed foods they have. Bought a block of Daiya cheese at “Deans” yesterday which literally made my stomach growl so loud that my dogs were scared. Thinking back, a lump of plastic made of pea protein, chemicals and synthesized plant nutrients really isn’t whole food and it’s undigestability should have come at no surprise. Coconut yogurt (plain) was fine so I am hoping to get more seeds back into my diet if things keep going well! 

Here’s what I am doing so far: 

16oz Peppermint Tea with lemon to wake up 

16oz apple/romaine juice (really cheap as these two things constantly show up in the expired produce cart at Stop n Shop) 

16oz banana/greens smoothie

Giant salad with lots of avocado (I’m skinny!!), apple and spring greens/kale

Daily thick soups with any vegetables – no nightshades. Bee pollen and hemp hearts added.

Steamed veggies/squashes if still hungry.  

Can’t afford organic apart from leafy greens but it’s working regardless.

Supps: 2 Pbx, D3, Omega3, Cal/Mag/Zinc, Iron, B12, Ribose & Zinc


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