Conquering Cravings

It seems like it’s human nature that as soon as we get our heart’s desire, we take it for granted. 

Like a girl I know who was really sick for nearly 20 years, found a limited diet that resolved most of the symptoms but kept getting in her own way by rolling the dice with foods…. 

It started last night with a can of lentil soup because I was starving and couldn’t be bothered to cook a healthy meal. I’m allergic to tomatoes but there was trace amounts in the ingredients. I figured maybe it had magically gone away in the last week since I last had a reaction. Poof, skin pain all night. Instead of letting myself detox I did the unthinkable and bought ‘healthy’ chickpeas… coated with vegan chocolate! This occurred this morning. Within 30 minutes I was drugged like Emma’s encounter with the Mad Hatter on Once Apon A Time. Eyes heavy, legs weak, walked around looking for flip flops while I had them on…

In my past I might have decided to just go get pizza at this point but I’ve learned that when you are eating well your body can usually flush out toxins pretty fast. I also know that the only reason this happened is because I am traveling, didn’t plan my meals correctly and most of all went into a health food store hungry ( I have posted this before, but these can be the most dangerous places for someone on a healthy LID).

There are certainly great ways to control cravings. Juice fasting, never shopping hungry and filling up on greens consistently as part of a balanced diet. 

However almost everyone on this path will eventually be caught unaware & some badass willpower will be required. I may have to force myself to purchase and consume bananas. Sometimes I use the AA trick, I won’t have it just for today. I’m spiritual so I also pray for help with cravings. Food can be nothing more than an addiction, wrapped up in a package saying Vegan & Gluten free. The real problem food – sugar – sneaks into nearly everything. No worries for those who can tolerate it but I need to remember I’m not everyone else. It’s not my diet that’s extreme, it’s the fact I was in bed all last year that I need to focus on. And now I’m not. Plus I hiked 6 miles on a solid mud trail that seemed uphill both ways this week before my food failures started. The new me doesn’t run on chocolate.  I’ve messed this up before and can’t ever let that happen again. 


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