Observed Reactions To Foods

So I’m posting this here mostly for my own safekeeping but having used an elimination diet to isolate and identify food allergies, this is what I found. 

I realized my problems were likely food related when they dropped away on juice fasts. So I started with a juice fast and then added in a new food every 3 days, in large quantity. If there was no reaction I would add a new food, if there was a reaction I would try and add it back again to see if I got the same reaction. High School science taught me well! 

Food Group: Sugar, Chocolate, Caffeine

Immediate Effects: Extreme ADD, OCD, Hyperactivity, Irregular Heartbeat

Withdrawal Effects: Weakness, Extreme Fatigue, Intense Cravings, High Irritability, Headaches

Food Group: Dairy 

Immediate Effects: Nasal/Sinus Congestion, Stomach Upsets, “Heavy/Sick” Feeling

Withdrawal Effects: Depression, Anger, Sick Feeling, Intense Craving

Food Group: Grains and Quinoa

Immediate Effect: Uncontrollable Consumption, Stomach Pain, Hyperactivity, Adrenaline Rush

Withdrawal Effect: 3 day Migrane, Starving Feeling, Depression, Fatigue, Stomach Upset

Food Group: Nightshades

Immediate Effect: Increased Skin Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Twitching

Withdrawal Effect: Passes within 24 hours.  

Food Group: Yeast, Fermented Foods, Alcohol

Immediate Effect: Adrenaline Rush, Itchy Skin

Withdrawal Effect: Intense Depression, Sadness, Cravings

Hoping that’s it for now! I like my fruits, vegetables and seeds too much to give any more up.  


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