4 Months… Allergies, Workouts & The Green Smoothie Detox

So everything was AWESOME up until 2 weeks ago when I started getting tired. Now up to 5 days a week at the gym, I thought if I backed off it would help. It didn’t. Then the sneezing started, then the itching. Then terrible, hopeless depression and fatigue.  

Like dietary sensitivities, seasonal allergies are the most common symptom of leaky gut – which unfortunately takes longer than 4 months to heal. I sniffed my way through some local honey, Nettle Extract, green juices, tortured myself with the Neti Pot and finally did the unthinkable and bought my first ever allergy medication from Walgreens. Thanks to a Facebook post, I identified the strongest and most potent pill as breathing was getting rough – which turned out to be Allegra D. I am no fan of taking pills unless they are really needed but I have to say I woke up this morning feeling better than I ever have. Why? Because I am realizing that with 4 dogs in the house and a ton of dust that I need to get tested for dust allergies. My ill feeling predates having dogs and when I clean I sneeze like crazy. 20 million people in the US have dust allergies and as I am sensitive to every substance known to man I have a sneaky feeling I may be in need of allergy shots while my system in continuing to heal. I thought it was just seasonal but I feel better than I did all winter and the pollen hasn’t been around that long.  

 However, the good news is over time on the ETL diet many people with asthma/allergies see them clear up completely – which I am sure in my case will be when my gut stops leaking. 

Here are Dr Fuhrman’s comments on the issue: https://www.drfuhrman.com/disease/Other.aspx

“Allergies and Asthma improve and can even disappear over time

A significant number of medical investigations have uncovered that, just like other diseases, people develop asthma and allergies for reasons. Asthma and allergies have been linked to nutritional factors:

  • Low levels of fresh fruits and flavonoids[iii]
  • Fried foods, protein-rich and fat-rich foods of animal origin[iv]
  • Low blood levels of fruit and vegetable derived antioxidants[v]
  • Dietary fatty acid imbalance—an excess of omega-6 over omega-3 fats[vi]
  • Increased intake of high saturated fat foods (meat, cheese and butter)[vii]
  • Bread and butter consumption, lower vegetable intake [viii] (my old staple!!! – Nat) 

My experience in working with hundreds of patients attempting to resolve asthma and allergies has been rewarding. The asthmatics gradually improve, and the allergic patients slowly reduce the severity of their allergies and many become entirely non-allergic. Many patients who had strong allergies to cats, dust mites and pollen, no longer have these sensitivities. From a combination of dietary advice and a limited amount of nutritional supplements, most people start to improve their condition in a few months. I have even had patients who surprisingly continued to be allergic a year later and then after about 20 months following my recommendations, their allergies faded away. Recoveries are the rule and not the exception.”


I also dug up this from: http://fuelyourhealth.net/tag/asthma-2

“Dietary Guidelines for Children with Allergies and Asthma (from Dr. Fuhrman’s Disease-Proof Your Child on page 66)

  • A high-nutrient, vegetable-nut-fruit-based diet
  • One tablespoon of ground flax seeds daily
  • At least one ounce of raw walnuts daily, with the addition of other raw nuts
  • DHA supplement, 100-400 mg daily
  • Multivitamins without vitamin A or isolated beta-carotene (such as Gentle Care Formula)
  • No processed foods, dairy fat, or trans fat
  • Little or no oils; essential fats are supplied from raw nuts and seeds and DHA supplementation
  • Avoidance of known allergens (for example, pollen, house dust, cat hair, chemical irritants, etc.)
  • The reason for increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables is to increase the immune function of the affected individual. The reason for the elimination of animal fats and oil is to lower the consumption of omega-6 fatty acids while increasing the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to the above recommendation, supplementation in vitamin D should be seriously considered given the associated benefits.”

 Having felt so much better from changing my diet, it’s entirely possible with the right allergy treatment I could feel even better. However, I don’t believe in medicating forever which is making me re-evaluate adding beans back to my diet so soon because they make me pretty tired. I believe beans are great, but they mess me up at this time. I also need to watch oils better, based on the info above. 

 So I’m almost a normal person but maybe this Allegra has made me realize what I am missing – how it feels to get up feeling rested with a lot less ADD. Like anyone on a healthy diet, I am disappointed that I had to use pharmaceuticals BUT now I KNOW that allergies are causing my fatigue/depression/add. Not just in my diet, but in the house and environment too! Which is why medication for those things specifically didn’t work. Because now I am on Allegra I am on cloud 9 and feel I should apply for the New York Marathon. 

Therefore I’m going to commit myself to healing with a 10 day organic green smoothie fast ( 2 bananas/spring greens to top of Vitamix from Wegmans) – ironically I’m going to have to do it whilst taking Allegra, but the new energy will help me keep my house and companion canines as clean as possible while I restart the healing process. After all, when one feels terrible, one tends to go buy vegan chocolate which is exactly what I had to do yesterday to stay awake through a photo shoot. 

Feeling grateful & full of purpose! 

Here’s to another 4 months and an allergy free 2015 😀 


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