Dangerous Grains

It’s only been 2 months since I started this journey but I have settled into better health very easily.

Last fall it was very hard for me to even keep the house in shape but I now have shining kitchen counters, clean floors and a cluttered desk thanks to my new graduate studies. It’s easy to walk all my dogs daily despite the snow and I’ve been to the gym a few times without needing a nap.

The cold weather (as low as 5 degrees) in NJ made me question my progress as I got depressed and joint-sore again but as soon as it was in the 30s I was once again buzzing around and feeling better. It’s wonderful getting up at 7, 8 in the morning instead of my usual 9-9 sleep with additional naps.

Probiotics have helped me manage some nuts, seeds and beans so my food has gone from very plain to a huge variety of grain free crepes, bean soups and cashew cream sauces. Lots of raw vegetables is important and I have trained my local vegan eatery to make a huge salad for me without the nutritional yeast that vegan chefs are addicted to. It makes me itch, unfortunately.

As I have been so much better, I decided to try and add quinoa back in last night. It’s a great grain high in iron and complete protein.

Having been 2 months grain free – I immediately got sharp stomach pain that I recognized only too well from my elimination diets. It never bothered me too much when I was eating grains daily, but I was near death anyway. So quinoa is on my naughty list and I won’t be doing any more grain experiments any time soon. Also have been rewarded with my first headache in 2 months, I certainly don’t miss them!

I’ve read science behind this kind of reaction before on Paleo blogs and it turns out quinoa is potentially dangerous for those with celiac disease because it mimics qualities of gluten. Here’s one article: http://www.glutenfreesociety.org/gluten-free-society-blog/is-quinoa-a-safe-gluten-free-food-alternative/

Looking forward to an active & healthy spring! 🙂